Eyelet curtains have taken from the straighter “pencil pleat” style. The eyelet curtain also called as “eyelet ring-top eyelet curtains  ,” “ring top curtains’’. The design is the similar as their title is: a curtain with rings sewn right into the fabric, allowing the rail to pass through the curtain’sContinue Reading

Carpets are the need for the house. When installing wall-to-wall carpets, it provides elegance, style, and luxury to the house and makes it look attractive and enchanting. Furthermore, these carpets also provide the finishing touch to the house that makes it unique and fascinating. Apart from these features, these carpetsContinue Reading

With 40 years of experience in engineering pallet exchanging solutions, TopIndustries has developed a new standard in pallet handling. Warehouses and packing stations are always buzzing with employees toiling manually or driving in forklifts moving pallets. They introduced a Side Press layer picker that can replace 4 million manual handling in aContinue Reading