A quick post for food companies seeking certification for plant-based products

With an increasing number of market players in the domain of plant-based products, the need for unique brand value is essential for companies. Certification from a reputed agency can give the much-required authenticity to the food products.

Customers trust a validation like Global Plant Based Certification to ascertain the purity of the plant-based products. Therefore, certification is linked to your brand promotion.

In this article, we try to understand the process of certification and how it helps your business.

Let us get started!

Why does certification matter for your company?

A certified food product is more likely to attract a consumer’s attention.

It is mainly due to-

  • Builds up trust in the customer about your company’s manufacturing standards
  • A certification logo to act as a hallmark of your products
  • Creates a unique brand value in the market
  • Helps customers make an informed decision on their dietary standards

Hence, companies are focusing on earning certification from reputed agencies.

Procedure for obtaining a certification

  1. The certification firms can be contacted through online application forms.
  2. The application usually asks for details about your company, facilities, products, and ingredients used.
  3. The certification agency responds to your application by intimating you with the required compliances of dietary standards.
  4. The agency conducts a thorough examination of all the ingredients used in your firm to rule out the use of animal foods.
  5. After approval of ingredients, the agency inspects your facilities and checks the manufacturing processes.
  6. Once the compliances are adhered to, you can enter into a contract with the certification agency as per their rules.
  7. You are now authorized to use their trademark on your products.
  8. The certification can now be used for advertising purposes.

Will certification cover all the food products?

Food companies are usually involved in the production of several types of foods. Not all of them adhere to uniform standards. Hence, certification agencies have different certificates.

Agencies offer different logos like Halal, Kosher, Gluten-free based on the company’s compliance to different dietary standards. It ensures better targeting of products in the market.

The companies need to choose a certification agency that covers all of their products to maintain economies of scale and have a unique brand image.

Concluding thoughts

Earning the trust of the consumers is the most important strategy of any company. The emerging domain of plant-based foods needs certification as an asset to promote your brand value. Hence, choose your certification agency prudently to gain market value.