Credit cards for travelers can offer some benefits that you may not know

Credit cards make great traveling companions. They are accepted virtually anywhere in the world and make paying for any purchase much easier and more convenient. However, did you know that these financial products could offer valuable benefits? The advantages go beyond the traditional accumulation of points/miles and can yield good savings. Check out benefits the best travellers credit card can offer that you might not know about.

Travel insurance

The travel insurance is an almost indispensable item in any journey. In some countries, entry of immigrants is only allowed upon presentation of the policy. What many people do not know is that this is a benefit offered by the most exclusive credit card brands at no additional cost. Coverage varies by brand, as do eligibility criteria for use.

Free travel cancellation

Imagine planning that long-awaited trip, buying air tickets, booking a hotel, buy tickets to attractions. Now imagine having to cancel everything at the last minute. Many tourist services are non-refundable or charge high cancellation fees. However, if you have used your credit card to pay the expenses and obviously have a good reason not to take the trip, you may be eligible for a refund.

Free checked baggage

With the end of the mandatory baggage allowance, airlines soon began charging for the service. However, you may have a credit card in your wallet that allows you to check your bags free and you do not even know it. To enjoy the benefit, simply present your card at the airline’s check-in counter.

Free rental car insurance

The car rental is a very useful service in several destinations. Rates can vary greatly depending on the model chosen, the rental company and the period of travel. Protection fees are also charged in case there is an accident. Credit cards also offer free rental car insurance, just use the card to pay the rental and decline the rental car insurance.

Insurance for checked baggage

Who does not feel butterflies in their stomachs when they check their luggage for fear it will not reach their destination? Unfortunately, a small percentage of checked bags are lost or damaged. However, some credit cards do offer insurance against lost, damaged or late baggage.

Access to VIP rooms

The VIP lounges of airports are great places to wait for your flight. The spaces offer several amenities such as snacks, hot meals, and a place to rest and work in peace, drinks, coffee and even showers. However, access policy may vary by issuer. Visits can be free, limited or charged. Besides VIP lounge programs, some cards offer access to exclusive collections.

Cell phone chip for use abroad

Nowadays it is practically impossible to be without our electronic devices, especially when traveling. They are essential for keeping in touch with family and friends, checking in for a flight, finding destination information, using Google Maps or Google Translate, sharing the best moments on social media, and much more.

Free Wi-Fi

If you do not have a specific card in your wallet, there is no reason to panic. Other brands maintain partnerships with hotspot service providers that offer access to thousands of Wi-Fi networks around the world. Restaurants, bars, airports, shopping, department stores and museums are just a few examples of places where you can find accredited chains.

Free transfer from/to the airport

Most people use app transport for these routes, but depending on your credit card, this race can be free. There are credit cards brands offering customers a free transfer service from home to the airport or vice versa, with a maximum distance of 40 km. The benefit is conditional. The call center will schedule the race through one of the associated transport applications.