Different Types of Versatile Layer-Picking Systems

With 40 years of experience in engineering pallet exchanging solutions, TopIndustries has developed a new standard in pallet handling. Warehouses and packing stations are always buzzing with employees toiling manually or driving in forklifts moving pallets. They introduced a Side Press layer picker that can replace 4 million manual handling in a year.

The layer-picking solutions are operating in fully and semi-automatic manufacturing plants, distribution centers, supermarket stores, cold storage, and more. The Side Press is a patented solution for automatically filling and emptying pallets with consumer orders in layers.

Layer-picking equipment can pick pallets filled with cases and transfer them to the conveyor system. It even allows automating returnable container stacking in layers on the roll box pallets. Orders can be picked from different inventory pallets to build rainbow or mixed-SKU pallet layers.

Order picking accounts for more than 54% of total warehouse operating costs. The majority of the costs stem from extra time and personnel needed to pick up orders. More than 70% of an employee’s time is taken by traveling and searching for the ordered items. There are also the chances of order errors, which leave unhappy customers.

Due to the rise in customer and retailer demands warehouse facilities encounter challenges in building mixed-SKU pallets efficiently. Fortunately, the semi and the fully-automated layer-picking solution can speed up the order-picking process.

Types of versatile layer picking solutions

Swing models

These are designed for picking line applications. The forklift driver does not have to steer within the rail but drive forward & backward on the rail. The swing frame model has a special carriage and heavy-duty mass designed to handle side-loading stress. It swings 90°, so more SKUs can be handled in less space as items can be picked from rails on both sides.

Stationary side mount

The model is stationary and installed in a side-mounted position. It is a design using single-side pick lines. It can move independently of the rail or with the guide rail system. It is equipped with a specially designed girded mast.

Stationary carriage mount

The model needs no special mast or guide rail system. There is no space control. The system is installed in front mounted position and can work only with front loads. It does not move on any side. Warehouse loads that arrive on trucks need splitting, which is made easy with a stationary carriage mount.

Stationary fork mount

The front-mounted model slips conveniently on your lift truck forks. Installation and removal are quick, so a good type for occasional use. To add versatility, mount it on the side shifter. You don’t need to add a guide rail system.


Layer-picking solutions add speed, versatility, matchless ability, enhanced pick accuracy, and enhanced order fulfillment. It can handle single or multiple layers of different products like cans, bottled products, slide sheets, empty pallets, etc. It replaces the costly manual labor and time. Connect the layer-picking solution with a warehouse control system to automate robotic movement.

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