Find Your Options With The Smart Modell 2021 Vapcap

Different from a cigarette or an e-cigarette, the popularity of The M dynavap vaporizer Modell 2021 is skyrocketing. This small device is also economical, an important advantage for smokers or consumers of herbs or aromatic plants of all kinds. But how do vaporizers work? For Dynavap Vapcap M 2021 it happens to be quite important.

How Vaporizers Work

Above all, it is necessary to respect the advice on the manufacturer’s instructions, in terms of charging. Indeed, this will allow your device to maintain a longer lifespan. As a general rule, it is advisable to charge your device 6 hours before use. For The M dynavap vapcap m 2021 it is most essential.

To fill The M dynavap Vapcap, simply remove the connector from the ceramic heating chamber, before filling it with the herb of your choice. Usually, a small tool is supplied with The M dynavap Vapcap Modell 2021, in order to press the herb into the chamber, without packing it down. Air must be able to pass between the strands. After screwing the heating chamber back, the device is ready for operation.

Do not overfill your heating chamber, half will suffice. If it is too full the air will not circulate properly and the herbs will be wasted. It shouldn’t be spoiled. The Vapcap Modell 2021 should be cleaned regularly to ensure a long life.

A Heating Method That Does Not Burn

While cigarettes or any other means of consuming tobacco, plants, etc., work by combustion, The M dynavap Vapcap M 2021, on the other hand, will simply heat its container to a high temperature, without going as far as combustion. As a general rule, the maximum temperature does not exceed 250°C.

Be careful however, depending on the plant that the user is going to vape, the heating temperature must change. Indeed, eucalyptus should not heat more than 130°C, just like lavender. This allows the vapors to be created more quickly. Two methods apply: conduction or convection. Unlike a cigarette which burns at around 400°C when vaporizing it, it is much cooler since it is generally between 180°C and 250°C. The air that enters the lungs is much less hot and aggressive.


All The M dynavap Modell 2021vaporizers contain a heating element (ceramic). With the conduction method, the herbs are placed directly into a heating chamber usually made of ceramic. The hot chamber will then transmit its heat to the herbs, so that they release their aromas and essences. Thus, they will be ready to be inhaled by the consumer. The conduction dynavap vaporizer works either thanks to a lithium battery which is charged by a simple connection to the sector, or to gas, which is enough to recharge with a gas bottle without impurity.

The Good aspects:

  • Fast heating
  • Faster preparation time
  • The consumer can inhale almost immediately
  • Attractive price and cheaper than a convection vapers


The convection vaporizer works differently. It will heat the herbs by hot air and not by a heating surface. On these models, the herbs are separated from the heating ceramic by a grid or a canvas. It is therefore indeed the air which is heated and which heats the herbs as it passes through them. In addition, the heating temperature is more precise than with the conduction method. Vaporization is then obtained when the hot air passes through the material contained in the chamber. The convection vaporizer works with a lithium battery, or plugs directly into the mains.

The Good aspects

  • Precise heating temperature
  • No risk of combustion
  • No contact with the heating surface
  • All the quantity of herbs is thus heated evenly, without having to shake the vaporizer

Vaporizers: A Different Way of Smoking or Inhaling

The advantage of this type of vaporizers is that the vapor contains nothing but plant matter and not combustion by-products. So there is no tar, carbon monoxide or other arcenics. The “smoke” is almost non-existent. you simply suck in air charged with the molecules of the plant. The virtues of inhaled plants are therefore preserved and more effective.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see any vapor, smoke or anything else coming out of the vape. The effects of the plants are still felt even if at first you have the impression of not smoking anything. The hot air charged with its molecules will give the expected effects a few minutes later. Expert vaping consumers often lean more towards a convection product.


Discover a new way to enjoy your tobacco or your aromatic herbs, plants such as eucalyptus, rose or mint by choosing to consume them using a vaporizer. With a design similar to that of an electronic cigarette, the electronic vaporizer will surprise you with its performance, vapor and ease of use. Also called vaporizer, vape pen, inhaler or vaporizer, the vaporizer is available in different formats and brands. Find your electronic vaporizer at the best price from the selection offered. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment, information or an opinion on the quality of the product or on your vaping session.