Going blonde with highlights: Why you should do it

Among the most popular ways to switch smoothly from dark to light. The process of becoming a blonde can be complicated. It can involve multiple visits to the salon and cause dry, damaged hair, especially if you start the procedure with a black mane. So, if you are considering being a blonde, why not make a change with the best photos? It is one of the most popular and Best hair colour in India, ways to go from dark hair to light hair. Want to know why? Keep reading and find out!

 Bright Blonde: Why you should do it.

It does not damage your hair much, Being blonde from brown hair usually requires the use of amazing bleach. Cleansing your entire head will result in very damaged hair, but if you choose highlights, you will be reducing the use of bleach in a few steps (whether this is at-section or your entire skin). As a result, your mane will not go through a lot of abuse.

Cleansing is the second most dangerous process you can do for hair.

Note that if you currently have black hair colour and you want your hair to look really red, you will need to choose a head full of the most beautiful images. If you have a light natural colour (like brown) you may miss the highlight of the theme. It is best to ask for advice on your colour how many highlights you need to make your hair look younger.

It looks natural

Compared to dyeing your entire head blonde, the standout will look natural, and you may even be able to trick people into thinking that you are a natural blondie!

With highlight, you can combine different shades of gold lines with your natural brunette colour. Remember: if you add highlights, you will eventually see your little brown hair, as most of the highlights will be neatly placed over your head, hidden in strands below which is the Best hair colour in India.

 Bright blonde: It’s a slow process.

It is more than a slow process

Unlike dyeing all your hair at once, the process of becoming a blonde by using highlights is slow; it can sometimes take 3-4 visits to the salon to achieve your desired look. But don’t worry, this is a good thing! It’s a great way to change your new colour, and it gives you time to get used to your new colour, as going from dark to light can be shocking (especially if you’ve never been blonde before!).

Your roots will not be so bad

Choosing a balayage (a highlighting process that involves colouring your hair with a straight brush) will result in a natural-looking effect, which means you won’t have to worry about touching your roots often.

On average, hair grows by about an inch per month, so, in fact, you will only need to touch your regrowth growth every 4-6 weeks. Regular visits to the salon can be very expensive, so while it may be a very interesting procedure, to begin with, balayage highlights are a good decision to consider if you do not want to go too far in maintaining your blonde hair colour as it is one of the  Best hair colour in India.

So, now that you know all the benefits, are you sure about being the brightest blonde?

Don’t forget to use a shower and care plan, like Cleanse Shampoo for Blonde Hair and  Nourish Conditioner for Blonde Hair. It will gently clean your gold locks while helping to retain vibration and give light!