Home Design for 2022

The pandemic had people spending more time at home and getting their hands on something productive to pass the time. One of the very popular activities during early 2021 has been interior redesign and home renovations Toronto. This endeavor continues up until now and has families rethinking the functionality of the spaces around their houses. 

For those who are looking forward to redecorating their places for a new look and feel this incoming 2022, here are some of the trendy home designs you should consider.


This design is best for home renovators with an affinity for designs that the mainstream culture often regards as ‘outdated’ or ‘stuffy’ yet still classy. Elements of this design include floral wallpapers, skirted tables, needlepoint pillows, and pleated lampshades.


To do a nature-inspired design, decorate your interiors with organic-based- materials. Common in this style is adding natural elements like fire, earth, and water. For example, you can recreate an earthy feel indoors by designing a wall with stone accent texture and color.


The herringbone design is one of your many choices for those who want more subtle yet still elegant vibes. It usually features repeat patterns that show balance and symmetry. This style gives a sense of space in smaller rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.