How to Make an Important Event in Tenerife Truly Unforgettable?

Event in Tenerife

Originally, a yacht was called a fast-moving vessel capable of easy and quick maneuvering. Newer, technically improved yachts have become one of the symbols of affluence. Detailed design, top materials, and new technical equipment – all this is combined in motor yachts.

Rental Cost

Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of immersing in a world where the most beautiful landscapes change at high speed, due to the mistaken opinion that renting motor yachts is expensive. Perhaps such transport used to be considered elite, but now it has become not just accessible to everyone, but also much more diverse.

It is not necessary to make an order for a long-term boat hire in Tenerife, as the rent is calculated at the rate for one hour of walk. If you are going on vacation as a group, you can organize catering and appropriate service on board.

Event Organization

Even a traditional holiday ceases to be familiar when the splash of waves is heard around and a fresh wind blows. You can hold any celebration on board, but clients often prefer several events.

  • Wedding. Wind fluttering the dress, beautiful angles – all reviews about weddings on the water are filled only with pleasant impressions.
  • Photo session. This can be a separate thematic shoot or a photo session included in the celebration program.
  • Birthday. You can plan the celebration program in advance, or you can just invite friends and improvise.
  • Romantic evening. An unexpected but very pleasant surprise for a loved one.
  • Corporate or business meeting. A conducive atmosphere, a yacht with a laconic design – an excellent tool for strengthening business ties.
  • Bachelorette party. A holiday loved by all girls. Because it is positive emotions and incredible photos that get a huge number of likes.
  • Sea walk. A great way to dispel a bad mood and recharge your energy for the whole summer.

Best Models

Let’s clarify right away that by the best we mean the most popular motor yachts among clients.

  • “Poker”. A compact vessel where up to 10 guests will feel comfortable. Usually, they hold corporate events and birthdays on it.
  • “Seaduction”. An ocean walk on this yacht becomes unforgettable primarily thanks to its beautifully furnished cabins. The vessel is equipped with the best technology, so it is suitable both for holding events and for organizing photo shoots.
  • “Tigresa”. A universal vessel for a long journey. A full set of kitchen equipment, sleeping places for staff, which are in no way related to places for guests, so on a yacht you can comfortably sail for long distances.

Of course, these are not all models of convenient and beautiful vessels. The prices for motor yachts for rent in Tenerife can be found at the Rent Boat Tenerife company. Here you can also see a more complete list of motor yachts and their parameters.