One of the Modern Trends in Barcelona – A Wedding on a Boat

Modern Trends in Barcelona

Couples who celebrate their wedding in the summer often opt for creativity. A while ago, a wedding on a boat was considered a super expensive and complex event, and not many people chose it. Now, couples order such “water” weddings much more frequently. As with any event, organizing a wedding on a boat has its nuances. Some of them are worth mentioning.

Things to Consider When Planning a Boat Wedding

For example, you need to calculate the number of guests in advance. A yacht can accommodate up to 11 people; if there are more guests, you may need to rent a catamaran in Barcelona with a skipper. It’s essential to find out if all the guests can handle boat trips well and whether they are prone to seasickness. The invitees should be informed about the format of the upcoming celebration and make sure to have medications in the first aid kit to relieve unpleasant symptoms. It’s excellent if there is a medical professional in the group, as their presence will allow a proper response to any unforeseen situation.

At a wedding held at sea, it is better to prepare more light dishes, such as appetizers, salads, or desserts. Now, let’s discuss the factors that can affect the cost of the event.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Boat Wedding

The choice of a boat in terms of capacity, depending on the number of guests, will also vary, and they won’t have the same price. A sea wedding is a seasonal event, with a peak of orders during the summer when prices increase accordingly. Transporting guests to the departure point of the watercraft will also cost a certain amount. The form of the wedding ceremony will also affect the price – whether it takes place at a registry office or is a destination wedding.

Another important question is who will provide the necessary refreshments on the boat, including sweet and alcoholic drinks and the wedding cake. The event’s price will also vary depending on the booked time. The catamaran can be rented for a whole day, evening, night, or just a few hours, etc.

It’s a plus if the wedding host is a professional in their field. Of course, good specialists are not cheap, but the event will undoubtedly be unforgettable. Photo and video recording of the celebration are also relevant. This guarantees high-quality recording on media and positive emotions during viewing.