What Is An Endorsement In A Bike Insurance Policy? 

Your bike insurance policy is a legal document that provides information about you and your bike to legal entities like insurers and traffic police. So, all the information on your policy certificate must be up-to-date and accurate.

However, there are some instances where mistakes can happen during the application or the policy purchase, resulting in incorrect information being presented in your two-wheeler insurance policy. So what happens then?

Thankfully, there is a solution to this, and it is called an endorsement. Read on to find out what they are and how to apply for one under your insurer to fix these mistakes.

What is an Endorsement in a Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

An endorsement in bike insurance is the act of making changes to your current policy while it is in effect. These are necessary in cases where the insurer sometimes inputs the wrong details in your policy certificate. These can be things like spelling mistakes, wrong vehicle details, etc.

Other cases where endorsements can come in handy are when you want to include or exclude certain add-ons under your policy or if you want to increase or decrease your IDV in bike insurance.

How to File for an Endorsement Under a Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

  1. Contact your insurance provider and inform them of the changes you want to make to your existing bike insurance policy.
  2. Your insurer will require you to present proof of the error, changes made to your vehicle, or personal details.
  • For changes that have more to do with you – the insured, ownership of the bike, or policy nominee, you may have to furnish proof of sale or other relevant documents.
  1. Your insurer will incorporate the changes to your policy after detailed verification of the changes provided.
  2. You will be issued an “Endorsement Certificate” for your bike insurance detailing the changes you have requested for your existing policy. Or they may fully cancel your existing bike insurance policy and issue a new one after all the necessary changes have been made.

Do Endorsements Affect Bike Insurance Premiums?

Your new premium rates may or may not decrease after an endorsement under your policy. It will depend on what type of endorsement you have opted for.

  • Changes to existing details will not affect policy premiums. For example, if the endorsement was filed to change your personal details, like your name, contact details, address, etc., it will not affect your premiums.
  • Endorsements in the form of additions will affect your bike insurance premiums. For example, if you have upgraded your bike in any way – by installing an anti-theft device, enhancing its engine, etc., it will increase your bike’s IDV and, therefore, your premiums.

Upon issuance, the endorsement letter copy is the final agreement of the original copy of your insurance for your bike. In other words, the endorsement wordings overrule the original policy copy at the time of a claim. These endorsements remain valid throughout the policy’s duration.

Types of Accepted Bike Insurance Endorsements

Name of Endorsement Documents Required
Changes in Cover
Addition of Bi-Fuel Registration Certificate (RC) copy (front and back)
Add-On Cover ●        RC copy front and back

●        Invoice copy (for new two-wheelers)

Change In Add-On Cover
No Claim Bonus (NCB )
NCB Certificate ●        Previous year’s policy certificate

●        NCD declaration from the previous insurer

●        Sell letter

Changes in Policyholder Details
Changes In The Previous Year’s Policy (PYP) None
Communication Address ●        A written letter of consent

●        KYC documents (Aadhar/Passport/Driver’s Licence)

Policyholder Name and DOB ●        RC Copy front and back

●        Previous year’s policy

Email Address  

A written letter of consent

Contact Number
Nominee Details ●        Name and DOB

●        Relation with a written letter of consent

Changes in Vehicle Details
Registration Number Registration Certificate (RC) copy (front and back)
Manufacturing Date
Chassis Number
Engine Number
Bike Model And Variant
Colour Change
Change in IDV ●        Registration Certificate (RC) copy (front and back)

●        Previous year’s policy certificate

Financier Details (For Loaned Vehicles)
Hypothecation Addition ●        Registration Certificate (RC) copy (front and back)

●        Declaration letter from the bank

Hypothecation Removal NOC from the bank against the loan

How Many Endorsements Can I Make Under My Two-Wheeler Insurance?

This will depend on your insurer. Most insurers generally allow for one or two annual edits under insurance for your two-wheeler.

However, even if your insurer allows for multiple endorsements, it is advised that you try not to make multiple changes, as it can lead to confusion during renewals, leading you to lose track of your original policy document.


When you buy a bike policy online, there can be instances where the information you provide your insurer can be mistranslated into the policy document. In these cases, an endorsement is a viable option, allowing you to modify your policy details.

We recommend buying bike insurance from online insurers like Tata AIG, as they offer paperless processes and have entirely digitised all their processes. This will save you a lot of time as you will not have to visit the insurance office or produce any paper documentation.