What is the best fabric used in curtains and what styles do you make in  curtains?

For any window treatment or for any door, curtains are said to be an important element. The homemaker’s lifestyle and personality is determined by the simplicity, designs, variety of colors, themes and fabric. Thus, a choice of right type and design of curtains and choosing the right place to buy is of utmost importance.

Hire an expert or have a look over this suggestion which I am going to define in this blog which will help you in providing ideal window treatment options. There are a wide range of Curtains available at the chain of curtain shops in the market.

Fabric for curtains

When it comes to choose from a range of options one might get paralyzed by possibilities to pick out the right type and one with the functionality their space requires. Here is an insight of a few aspects that might help you with choosing the right fabric for Curtains.

  1. Sheer

This fabric aids in most of the natural light to enter the space. Sheer curtains make a room feel lighter and brighter giving a finished look and a touch of privacy.

  1. Cotton

This type of fabric lets in a fair amount of light into the room. Cotton Curtains are casual, easy to clean, making the space look brighter and airy.

  1. Linen

It allows a moderate amount of light into the space, linen Curtains provides a casual look and a comfortable ambiance.

  1. Velvet

This fabric functions to block most of the natural light entering the room. Velvet Curtains create a plush and polished look, also regulated temperature clocking cold, heat and light along with functioning as an acoustic insulator.

The curtains are available in a wide range of readymade and also be customized. They are easily washable, dry clean and turn out to be new every time

Style of curtains

The overall look of the curtain is defined by the curtains heading, which is a top hem. Be this hem traditional, casual or sleek, it also plays the part in functionality. Here are some styles which help you to make your inside completely perfect.

  • Basic with hooks – it is a traditional flat heading that is attached to the rod through rings stitched into its top hem. With these the curtain can be easily moved
  • Rod pocket – Curtains with a channel along the top holds of the rod, created more of a casual look. A good choice for Curtains that will stay still, because moving the fabric can be difficult.
  • Pleated – ranging from the narrow pencil pleats to wide and flat box pleats, pleated headings for Curtain comes in a range to choose from depending upon the room’s décor and styling elements. These are more formal than the other styles as they are structured.
  • Tab top –this type of headings is also provided for the curtains. The curtain fabric in flat loops hangs on the curtain rod. With sheers or buttoned up with stiff fabrics, this can look very soothing.